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Votiva Treatment for Women Near Me In Orlando | Benefit of Votiva

Sexual Dysfunction Is Most Well-Known Problem In Today’s Woman.

Feminine Wellness Treatment

Natural aging processes such as childbirth and menopause are among the factors that can potentially decrease a woman’s sexual satisfaction and cause a whole host of other issues, including reduced libido and stress and urinary incontinence. In addition, these drastic changes can impact your overall happiness, confidence, and love life.

FemiFresh USA™ Clinic is now introducing Votiva®, a drug-free, laser-free solution that can significantly improve sexual function in women without discomfort and downtime! Votiva® is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment option for women to rejuvenate the vagina, also known as vaginal tightening.

Votiva Treatment for Women Near Me
Votiva Treatment for Women

What is Votiva® treatment for sexual wellness?

Votiva® is a non-invasive, safe vaginal rejuvenation technology that helps restore and rejuvenate the external and internal vagina. This device employs radiofrequency (RF) energy waves to heat. It stimulates the cells of the vagina and vulva to enhance both elastin and collagen production. As a result, vaginal elasticity, blood flow as well as vaginal moisture increase dramatically after the treatment.

Dryness or any irritation in your vaginal area that makes you feel uncomfortable could be very frustrating. If you or your loved one needs help and wants to see improvements, don’t hesitate to contact FemiFresh USA™ Clinic to learn more about the simple and quick in-office treatment. Schedule your complementary consultation today.

Votiva Treatment for Women in Orlando
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How does Votiva® work?

FemiFresh USA™ Clinic offers Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment in Orlando to help resolve vaginal health issues caused by childbirth and aging. This advanced treatment uses two devices, FormaV® and FractoraV®, which target internal and external vaginal health issues.

This device uses heating technology to enhance vaginal laxity and improve your sexual life. To fully understand how this technology works, let us briefly discuss it:

Votiva® is an RF base treatment that is safe and improves pelvic floor contraction. This device generates temperatures between 40°C and 42°C, and new cells generate by controlling the temperature at the treatment site at this level. Studies show that RF significantly improved maximal pelvic muscle contraction after one treatment. In addition, patients stated that they experienced a noticeable improvement in sexual function, lubrication, and urinary continence after Votiva® treatment.

FemiFresh USA™ Clinic’s registered provider customizes a solution to your feminine health concerns according to your needs.

Who could benefit from Votiva®?

Any woman suffering from painful intercourse, laxity of vaginal muscles, decreased libido, and other sexual dysfunctions could benefit from Votiva® treatment. Some of the benefits of Votiva® treatment.

To learn more and to schedule your complementary consultation today. FemiFresh USA™ Clinic offers both virtual and in-office consultation with its specialists.

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