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Vaginal Dryness

WHAT is the O-SHOT®? Reality about O-SHOT PROCEDURE

The O-Shot procedure or treatment is needed by those women who are suffering from the loss of vaginal sensitivity and lower sexual desire. The O-Shot® orgasm is the one thing you need in those types of conditions. You can consult an expert doctor for the best and effective results. Make a proper schedule of the problems you are going through which and then ask the appropriate questions to the doctor. You can also do a private conversation with your doctor and can get more helpful knowledge about the procedure.

The inventor of O-Shot® Dr. Charles Runels, M.D.:

The O-Shot® procedure was proposed and invented by Dr. Charles Runels, M.D. He justified that the platelets naturally attract the stem cells of that part where the blood platelets were injected. The treatment generally generates fit and healthier function tissues in the sexual area of the vagina just like the vaginal wall, O-Spot®, Urethra, G-Spot, and Skene’s Glands.

O-Shot® Procedure:

The O-Shot® is a medical procedure that is generally performed in the medical clinic. Some people might have queries about O-Shot® and it’s not a medicine but a non-surgical treatment. This O-Shot® procedure increases the greater sexual Arousal and natural lubrication that is clarified by the patients who report the more frequent and stronger Orgasms. This Non- Surgical Treatment is done by your blood Platelets which are injected or inserted into the vaginal tissues. The O-Shot® pledges to increase the rejuvenation of the vagina and Sexual Arousal.

It’s simple and painless:

The procedure of O-Shot® starts with the blood samples which are drawn from the arms of the person. The blood sample was placed in the centrifuge process. After the centrifuge process, the blood is used to produce Platelet-Rich Plasma. Once the blood is extracted from the body and converted into Platelet-Rich Plasma, it will be injected on the upper level of the Vagina or in the clitoris.

The working procedure of O-Shot® is done by high-Quality Platelet-Rich Plasma. The patients’ blood is used to collect the PRP (Platelet-Rich plasma). The patient’s blood contains the Growing factor of cells regenerating. There is a requirement for an expert like Dr. J, who carefully injects the PRP in the targeted vaginal tissues. This Platelet-Rich Plasma strengthens the stem of cells and increases the blood flow in the body parts which helps to regenerate the healthier tissues. The O-Shot® procedure also regenerates the vascularization of specific areas of the Vagina.

Positive Effects of O-Shot®:

The effects and the results were dependent on the patient’s personality or how the patient’s cell will react after the Platelet-Rich Plasma is injected. Some factors on which the result and effects of the procedure are dependent are Age, Hormonal problems, and medical conditions. The Platelet-Rich Plasma injection is not like a magic trick or stick. Some women experience almost incredible results but some of the women may just notice good improvement. Some patients experience increase in sensation and some people feel the Younger and smoother skin of the vulva. Or you can say that O-Shot® is a good procedure for Women’s vaginal improvement.

Where to take the treatment?

If you want to become sexually strong and healthy then visit “FemiFreshUSA” where Dr. J is ready with all the expertise and skills located in Orlando FL. You may need to bring your medical history and after the brief assessment, Dr. J will guide you about the treatment.

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