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Urinary Incontinence

What Votiva can do in 15-minutes? Is it really good for your Sex Life?

A good physical bond is the need of any person in the universe and people used to adopt different ways to attain it.  In the early age of 20s, every person wants a soul-mate to live a happy and healthy with that person. At that age, you started feeling bothered and some hotness in your body temperature. You also feel breast tenderness and attraction toward a handsome guy. But when time flies and you turn to 30 or 40 your vaginal property becomes uncomfortable for sex drive.

In 2010 Dr. Buss studied and found that women from 27 to 45 face the most frequent and intense erotic pleasure of healthy sex life.

Therefore, when every woman had a kid, the hormonal behavior of the body changes, and at some points, it demands some new energy. While sometimes when you are with your partner you scream and show a craving for your partner but sometimes you feel uncomfortable just because of lack of energy in the human body. The body changes its behavior or hormones when a woman turns in her 50s.

Votiva Treatment:

Votiva is a painless treatment in which radiofrequency waves are used to prevent vaginal issues and it’s a non-invasive treatment.  It’s a process that is designed to deal with internal and external vaginal tissues. The energy waves are used to heat and stimulate elastin fiber production, increase collagen, or epithelial cells. It also heals and stops aid in attacking external and internal vaginal tissues. Your vagina is just like an elastic muscle. Many natural changes take place in reducing the health and strength of vaginal tissues. This thing can also cause vaginal dryness, weight gain, hot flashes, and sleep issues. Everyone believes that the younger you are you have a good and healthy sex life but it is false. Sex is largely mental for women.

In the Votiva treatment, the heat waves are targeted and they work to increase the vaginal sensitivity and blood flow. It also treats well to the vaginal wall.

Greet with a bow:

Just like the skin tissues the vaginal tissues also exist. The skin of your face or neck shows sensitivity but the vaginal skin is more sensitive rather than others. The external vaginal skin develops wrinkles or shows a loss of elasticity of the vagina with passing age. Several researchers describe that the vaginal shape, size, and tissues change post-childbirth. After the kid’s birth, you feel it differently.

Many females used to establish physical relations on the basis of mutual commitment and mental compatibility. Many things realize you feel uncomfortable with a partner during sex. But the 15 minutes for each month the Votiva treatment will strengthen your soul, your immunity, and tell your mind that mental and body health is essential. It will reduce the afraid and you will realize the best difference in your bedroom.

Every woman knows well that keeping care and investing in her body is the best investment. Votiva treatment will support your vaginal muscles and keep the vaginal tissue sensitivity durable and healthy.

The role of “FemiFreshUSA”:

The clinic is located in Orlando Florida where Dr. J will assist you throughout the procedure. He is experienced enough to deal with all the complications and vaginal issues that lead to infertility and other problems. So, don’t waste a minute and secure your appointment today.

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